Testimonials & Reviews

  • We really are enjoying the Social Express as my son gets so much out of it. Thankyou so much developing something like this. It has been like a gift to our son. Also, I really like how you keep us parents updated with any new ideas that you are implementing.

    Elizabeth B, Mom

  • The Social Express is an engaging and effective program for working within the domain of social skill development. The interactive style of the webisodes piqued the interest of my elementary aged clients and served as a natural segue into role playing activities following discussion of the webisode content. I highly recommended the program to many of my colleagues and remained an active subscriber throughout my time as a school-based therapist.



    Susan Hooe, Licensed Social Worker

  • He loves it! He asks to play often. It’s pretty cool to watch the wheels turning in his head to think through the scenarios. I can’t wait to talk to his teacher later this month to see if it’s been helping in the class. No behavior notes sent home yet so here is hoping! We do this in the morning before school so he has some clues to help remind him during sticky situations.

    Review from Mom Blogger, Laura Railing

  • I have to congratulate you and your team on this wonderful creation. My students love it and have truly made great gains from using it. Thanks!!!


    Carmen Martinez, M.Ed. Lennox School District

  • Just wanted to send you a “Thank You” for the amazing work you (and your team) have done here.  I am a new subscriber and I asked my administration for a 1 month trial.  I am so glad I did!! I will be using some of my social skills budget to have this available to me/my students next year!  They love the Webisodes and I can use them in my cross-categorical resource room!! Great Job~ you have made my job so much easier 🙂

    Kris Bonasera – Teacher ISD 728

  • Thank you, this has made a world of improvement in my autistic son’s social skills…he loves the program.We love your program. I’d recommend it to anyone with special-needs and typical kids as well.

    Jeannie M.

  • My son Luke loves this program.  He is motivated to do chores and had a great social club day yesterday because of what he’s learning.  Thanks so much!!

    Amy L.

  • The Social Express is more like watching a show on Disney than working on social skills on the iPad. I am so impressed with the work that went into making this app. Here’s what Holly and I love:

    • awesome graphics that keep students engaged
    • fully animated
    • lessons that are real life scenarios
    • customizable to your each of your students
    • printable lessons
    • research based

    Pam and Holly

  • The Social Express is one of the few social skills apps that my son enjoys using – so much so that he actually asks to use it. This app is a bit pricey but for good reason as there is no other social skills app like it. And a child being able to exhibit proper social skills and create meaningful relationships is priceless.

    Rebecca Penina Simon

    Mother and Educator
  • I do the ordering for a home school program and place orders with close to a hundred vendors. The customer service at The Social Express goes above and beyond. We had trouble with a few of our downloads; the problem was on our end. After speaking with customer service, the problem was solved instantly with absolutely no problems. I even had to call a second time and was greeted with as much patience and helpful advice as the first. Social Express and their customer service team is wonderful and is coming highly recommended!

    Alexa vanBelle

    Paisley School District