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Help Zack, Emma, Sam, and Katie solve social problems! Children and young adults now have a safe environment to learn and practice skills needed to help them develop meaningful relationships and successfully navigate our social world.

Learn about: Attentive Listening, Conflict Resolution, Conversations, Critical Thinking, Group Participation, Non-Verbal Communication, Relationship Management, and Self-Management

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Visual Cues

Thought bubbles containing images and words appear over the characters’ heads at key decision points during a lesson. Each thought bubble depicts an action that the character will take if the thought bubble is selected.


The Menu button allows the adult or user to replay the lesson from the beginning, choose a different lesson, turn the Teaching Tips on and off, return to the Main Menu, or resume the lesson.

Pacing Control

The Pause/Resume/Replay button allows the adult to pause and resume the lesson at any time to provide an opportunity to discuss a “teachable moment” with the user. During decision points, this button will also allow the user or adult to replay the preceeding portion of the lesson.

Lesson Options

The user will help each character resolve social situations at various locations around town including: a cafe, a fire station, an animal rescue, a music store, and a park.

Teaching Tips

Throughout each lesson, Teaching Tips appear with valuable information for the adult who is completing the lessons with the user. Teaching Tips may be turned on and off at any time.