Our Approach

To be socially competent in today’s fast paced world, one must possess the social language skills to interact with others and the ability to regulate personal emotions during social activities.  These socially intricate skills may appear simple to some and yet, completely foreign to others.  Individuals with Autism and related developmental disorders are particularly susceptible to social learning deficits.

We here at The Social Express know how valuable your time is because we are not only these professionals, but we’re also the parents.  We also know that children and adults with social learning impairments require explicit instruction on how to interact with others.  Enter, The Social Express.  Where you can depend on social learning lessons that are rich with socially relevant content and visually appealing to the user.

The Social Express was created using online scenarios that allow learners to build social language skills.  As an added benefit, our framework is based on the theory of Multiple Intelligence’s, a cognitive learning map.  Our philosophy is that every one learns differently.  This theory is foundational for students with social learning impairments.  To help access the best that all brains have to offer, The Social Express has adapted this framework to create the most impactful social learning software on the web.  Our lessons cover a wide range of target skills.  From basic interaction skills to learning how to have a conversation in a group, the user is transported to a world where people think and talk about hidden social rules.


A collaborative team of parents, Speech-Language Pathologists, Behaviorists, Occupational Therapists, Special Education Teachers, and others may be involved in the education of a student with social learning impairments.  These professionals direct students on how to communicate and behave during social activities at home, school, and everywhere else.  Because we all come from diverse backgrounds, we know you’ll be pleased to join Central Station. As a member, you can create lesson plans based on a number of target skills, by district, by professional, by user, by grade.  That means more focused activities for the child and young adult.  And school staff will be happy to know that every lesson provided will be aligned with globally accepted curriculum standards. This makes writing Individualized Education Plans easier for everyone.

A Teaching Tool that Can Be Used by Everyone

The Social Express is designed for use as a teaching tool for parents, educators, therapists, and other professionals in conjunction with other intervention materials used to improve social understanding, social competency, and social skills in children and young adults. In order to gain the most benefit, the Social Express recommends using the printables  to extend learning across social settings. Furthermore, The Social Express Guide, also included in the software, provides a comprehensive overview of how to use the software. It also includes detailed descriptions of each lesson featuring the targeted skill and a lesson summary as well as follow-up activities that can be used to reinforce the learned skills in the real world.